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Foot & Ankle Fractures Specialist in Upper East Side, New York City, Jamaica and Plainview, NY and Fair Lawn, NJ

Foot and ankle fractures are common reasons for foot pain and even disability. At NYC Footcare PC, the experienced team headed by Paul Drucker, DPM, and Jarret Drucker, DPM, AACFAS, provides comprehensive care for all types of foot and ankle fractures. There are offices in the Upper East Side at 60th and 70th Street in New York City, with additional offices in Jamaica, Queens; Plainview, New York; and a surgical center in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, so call the nearest one or book your appointment online now.

Foot & Ankle Fractures Q & A

What are foot and ankle fractures?

Foot and ankle fractures are broken bones. Fractures can range from major traumatic breaks that divide the bone into two or more sections to stress fractures — tiny breaks that don’t go all the way through the bone. 

Whether you have a traumatic or stress fracture, you need proper treatment to avoid complications.

What causes foot and ankle fractures?

Foot and ankle fractures can occur for many reasons, with some of the most common including:

  • Sports injuries
  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Auto accidents
  • Repetitive stress on your feet
  • Suddenly starting or increasing a high-impact exercise routine
  • Osteoporosis (bone thinning)

Some fractures are avoidable when you take proper precautions and maintain good health, but unfortunately, there are times that you can’t predict or prevent a fracture. That’s where the NYC Footcare PC team can step in to help. 

How are foot and ankle fractures diagnosed?

The NYC Footcare PC team carefully examines your foot and ankle. They’ll discuss your symptoms with you and ask questions about your health and lifestyle to help determine why the fracture happened. 

Fracture diagnosis requires imaging tests, so NYC Footcare PC offers convenient in-office X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computerized tomography (CT) scans. The team can promptly identify the area and severity of your broken bone to formulate the best treatment plan. 

Do foot and ankle fractures require surgery? 

Not all foot and ankle fractures require surgery. For minor stress fractures, resting the injury and wearing a brace or boot may suffice. If you take the nonsurgical approach for a fracture, the team will monitor your fracture through imaging tests several times as you heal to make sure you’re on track to a complete recovery.

In cases where you have a complicated fracture, multiple fractures at once, or a high risk of the bone not healing in the proper position, surgery is usually the best way to restore your bone so you can recover fully. 

The NYC Footcare PC team performs foot and ankle surgeries in their state-of-the-art surgical facility in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. The skilled surgeons use a minimally invasive approach, repairing the bone using small incisions and specialized operating tools whenever possible. 

If you have a foot or ankle fracture, you can trust NYC Footcare PC for outstanding care that focuses on your recovery goals. Schedule your appointment online or call the office nearest you for help now.

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